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How To Cook A Boneless Chuck Roast

All you need to know about: How To Cook A Boneless Chuck Roast.


1 boneless chuck roast (about 3-4 pounds)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium onion, diced
2 stalks celery, diced
1 carrots, diced
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups beef broth
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce


1. Preheat oven to 350°F.

2. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.

3. Add garlic, onion, celery, and carrots, and cook until vegetables are softened, about 5 minutes.

4. Sprinkle the roast with flour, paprika, thyme, pepper, and salt.

5. Place the roast in the skillet with the vegetables and cook, turning to brown all sides, about 8 minutes.

6. Transfer the roast to a roasting pan or Dutch oven.

7. Add beef broth and Worcestershire sauce to the skillet and bring to a boil, stirring to scrape up any browned bits from the bottom of the skillet.

8. Pour the mixture over the roast.

9. Cover the roasting pan or Dutch oven and place in the preheated oven.

10. Cook for 2½-3 hours, or until the roast is tender.

11. Remove the roast from the oven and let rest for 10 minutes before slicing.


Serve with mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables. Enjoy!

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