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How To Cook Rice In A Instapot

All you need to know about: How To Cook Rice In A Instapot.


1 cup of white rice
1 cup of water
Pinch of salt


1. Place the cup of white rice in the inner pot of the Instant Pot.
2. Add the cup of water and a pinch of salt.
3. Close the lid and make sure the pressure valve is set to “Sealing”.
4. Select the “Pressure Cook” or “Manual” setting and set the timer to 4 minutes.
5. Once the timer goes off, the Instant Pot will switch to the “Keep Warm” setting.
6. Quick-release the pressure by carefully turning the pressure valve to “Venting”.
7. Carefully open the lid and fluff the cooked rice with a fork.


Your cooked rice is now ready to be served. Enjoy!

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