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Spaghetti Squash How To Cook

All you need to know about: Spaghetti Squash How To Cook.

Preparing the Spaghetti Squash

The first step in cooking spaghetti squash is to prepare the squash. Start by preheating the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, use a sharp knife to cut the squash in half lengthwise. Use a spoon to remove the seeds and stringy fibers from the center of the squash. Place the squash halves cut-side down on a baking sheet.

Baking the Spaghetti Squash

Next, bake the squash for about 40 minutes. The squash is done when it’s tender and easily pierced with a fork. Once the squash is done baking, let it cool for about 10 minutes.

Scraping the Spaghetti Squash

When the squash is cool enough to handle, use a fork to scrape the flesh from the skin. The flesh of the spaghetti squash will separate into long, spaghetti-like strands.

Serving the Spaghetti Squash

Once the squash is scraped, it is ready to be served. Spaghetti squash can be served as a side dish or used in place of pasta in a variety of dishes. It can be topped with sauce, cheese, or other toppings of your choice. Enjoy!

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